View Full Version : Drill (Ground Strokes): The Crosscourt/Down-the-line

09-29-2007, 01:06 PM
With both players positioned at the baseline, one player hits all crosscourts and the other hits all down-the-line shots. Start with both players in their deuce corner. As soon as the crosscourter hits the first shot, he/she has to run to the other side of his/her court to get the partner's next shot, since it will be coming down the ad line. The object is not to hit winners, but to keep the ball in play. Start out hitting slowly and work up to harder shots. This develops good movement and is good for postioningl. You want to get "planted" and ready to hit each shot, rather than lunging for it. It also drills each player's forehand and backhand, obviously. Switch roles after a while.

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