View Full Version : Should Pete Sampras try a comeback?

05-08-2007, 02:30 AM
Now more than ever, with Pete winning the Champions Cup seniors event in Boston, people are talking about the soon-to-be Hall of Fame player making a comeback of sorts on his favorite surface. (grass, for those of us who missed the nineties and believe Federer invented the stuff :D) Most of the talk has been about Wimbledon, which Sampras himself seems to have ruled out.

"I wouldn't play Wimbledon just to play -- I would play to win," Sampras said. "There needs to be a reason to come back and there really isn't a reason for me to come back."

Fine, but what about Queens? Or Halle? Maybe even Nottingham? Tournaments without the physical burden of best-of-five sets tennis. If Pete further finds his groove back playing seniors tennis, what will that do for him? Should he even try?