View Full Version : SkanCan Contest Winners

02-04-2007, 01:47 PM
Here is the list of the winners of the 13 contests I've run to date:

Tournament Winner

Wim 07 missinandre
RGarros 07 Moose

USO 06 craighickman
Wim 06 muscarine2000
RGarros 06 beaubob04
AO 06 Maddison61

USO 04 Doublefault
Wim 04 PeterCan
RGarros 04 Doublefault
AO 04 PeterCan

USO 03 araminta
Wim 03 PeterCan
RGarros 03 Maddison61
AO 03 Trnity

Previous to the entry format, I ran a few [three, I think] slam contests where the winner was determined through random association [the association changing from round to round].  Winners of these events included DLemay and Tennisfan1095.  I can't remember off-hand who the other winner was -   I'll have to look it up.