View Full Version : ELENA D!!!!

09-07-2004, 06:23 AM
Nice to see Elena D play that well in the thrid set tie-breaker. Nerves of steel. Did she even miss a shot?

As far as Davenport goes, I want her to win. Take the #1 ranking and split tennis having won the last 5 tournaments and dominating this year. What a way to go out! Of coarse she will leave when she leaves, but it would be incredibule for her to say "I'm retiring right now" as they hand her the 2004 US Open trophy and the #1 ranking.

I never liked Mauresmo anyways. Although she is playing well.

09-07-2004, 09:33 AM
I still haven't seen Elena play this summer. They say that she's been working on her serve quite a bit, though it's difficult to make any significant change right in the middle of the season. Though, if it held up enough to be Momo, TB in the third, in the quarters at the USO then it must be better. Her serve was never effectively that bad. She learned to get it in pretty well despite horrible form, some say due to injury.

But the serve couldn't hold up in big moments because as her arm got tight there was no form to guide it in ... looking forward to seeing her play tonight's winner

09-08-2004, 11:11 AM
I think she's got a good shot ... it will be a baseline slugfest that's for sure

after last night Capriati bugs me even more ... expressing such joy over a fixed match, what a joke