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09-25-2004, 05:44 AM

and Nadal got in on dubs

Too bad this country doesn't give a crap about tennis ... all I heard about last weekend was Ryder Cup this, Ryder Cup that ...

This weekend we're in the semis of Davis Cup and nobody's even showing the Bryan bros >:(

what a joke

09-25-2004, 06:12 AM
Thanks for telling me about nadal sebs. Did he win?
ESPN2 is showing the Bryan bros but being that tennis isnt near as important as half of the other shit they show its on at 1:30 eastern in the morning. It cant be live cause i live, its from south carolina so i doubt theyre playing at 1:30

yeah, he and Robredo won

and I guess POKER gets better ratings on ESPN than tennis these days eh? The popularity of televised golf always baffled me ... but now this poker phenomenon is just beyond any possible comprehension. Watching guys sitting at a table? Next thing you know, we'll have televised paint drying competitions ::)

And I'm not buying wroad's rosy little picture of the state of tennis in this country ... the popularity of this sport is in the crapper if you ask me

09-25-2004, 06:37 AM
why did i even ask if nadal won of course he did he is freakin Rafael Nadal. Hes actually shaping up to be a good doubles player w/robredo they got to the semis in the USO but id still like to see him do well w/singles

I know poker! It infuriates me its so boring! If your playing its fun but watching is soooooo boring!

tennis is in the crapper for the US but for other countries ecspcially russia its booming. Supposedly the next group of russian girls is even better than the ones we got now. But thats not saying to much im sorry but myskina wins off of her opponents errors bovina is great but never will win a slam elena has the serve vera has that awful mental thing kuzy and petrova are the only two strong ones masha is good but i think now she'll be taking a back seat to kuzy and wont win a slam for a good long time.

That young French kid that I've been high on, Gasquet, won the mixed at the FO. That made me nervous because I don't want to see him become a doubles specialist. I don't think you have any such worries with Nadal though. He's earned a lot of respect on tour this year, and he's primed to make his mark next year. I think your main worry is who Nadal is surrounding himself with ... that injury that he sustained should never have been that bad, if not for some very poor decisions.

As for the Russians ... I think you're a little harsh on Myskina. I saw her at RG and she was very impressive. Her strength is her competitiveness. The Myskina that I saw had a tremendous will to win, and that's one of those intangibles that can't be taught.

Petrova's my favorite Russian though, because of the way she crashes the net. You know what it takes to automatically become one of Sebs favs ;)

09-25-2004, 06:54 AM
i am being a bit hard on myskina she did play very well at RG but since then its like that will and drive to win has dissappeared almost but i think shes played around 22 tourneys this year so i guess i dont blame her thats a lot.

yeah, I fully agree with wroad on this one ... the tennis season is way way too long ... an 11 month season is absurd!

Put the YEC at the end of September and give these players some time to recover for crying out loud!

09-25-2004, 07:05 AM
yeah i know. i know a pro player Meilin tu (if anyones heard of her) but she complains about that. Shes home around 1 or 2mths of the year. Her coach says the same thing. BTW, they may be able to get me tickets to Nasdaq next year in MIami.

Sweet Bets! It's all about who ya know eh! ;)

That's a really well run tourney too ... and the grounds are impeccable, seems like you're at a slam

09-26-2004, 07:48 AM
yeah, I knew you'd be psyched about that Nadal result Bets, as well you should be ...

but did you notice on ESPN2 ... Andy get's out there to entertain ... but where's the Beast? Where'd Max go? >:(

so we have Roddick vs. Skrypko! ... in a wind storm!

Much as I complain about no tennis on TV ... I'm watchin FOOTBALL!

09-27-2004, 05:06 AM
uh oh theyre gonna play on clay! we all know andys not a clay kinda guy and neither is mardy. Lets face it American men in general arent known for clay. Spain is known for having some big time clay guys. Moya is awesome on clay (most of the time) I think he is their A player so he'll play Roddick right? Sorry Andy but i dunno if you can win... Mardy will have to play Ferrero then? Well he beat him in Athens but that wasnt clay. The mosquito hasnt had a great year so we'll see i think that match should be interesting. Doubles no question Nadal/Robredo quick win over the Bryans. Those guys arent clay guys and N/R are. THey are good together.

There are 4 singles matches in the tie so both US players will play both Spanish players.

The Bryan brothers are good on clay. They won the FO in 2003 and have 3 other clay titles. And they're definitely good together, having won a total of 19 titles. They're probably more likely to win their match than Roddick is to win either of his.

None of the Spaniards have ever taken a set off Roddick (7-0 vs Robredo, 3-0 vs Moya, 1-0 vs Ferrero, 1-0 vs Nadal) but he's only played Robredo once on clay and the rest of his matches against them have been on faster surfaces.

And Fish has a miserable 4-8 career record on clay.

So I don't see the US pulling this out unless Roddick plays much better on clay than he usually does.

09-27-2004, 08:37 AM
Is everyone just assuming that Roddick and Fish will be chosen to play singles or have you seen this as stated fact somewhere?

The USA is pretty thin on the men's side these days, so there's not too many options ... and I know Agassi has said he's retired from Davis Cup. But now that we're in the Finals ... it's worth asking him again. He might consider taking one more weekend to win one last Davis Cup for his country.

With Agassi we would be favored. Without Agassi, Roddick and Fish will be dirtballed. I don't think it can happen for the USA without Agassi.

09-27-2004, 09:06 AM
No Agassi. Pmac said thay andy and mardy are it. He had a tough time choosing the B player between Fish Spadea and Dent but les face all of these guys have had a dissappointing year. Fish was chosen because of his performance in Athens but hes an up and down kinda guy. He does really well one week then next its the complete opposite.

Well, I sure am glad he didn't choose Spadea ... that would have been embarassing.

This could be a fun tie though ... if Spain doesn't put us away by Saturday there could be some great drama on Sunday! The question is, as you were saying earlier, will we be able to see it?

After all, there's some really really important poker tournaments coming up too!

10-02-2004, 01:14 AM
December 3 is the finals.

after which Andy and the guys get a break from tennis when the "off-season" begins ...

then ends three weeks later ::)