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12-11-2004, 11:08 AM
Ok guys! Here's my story:

Ok, so today my Dad and I played tennis at the tennis club that I take lessons and that we usually play at. On the court next to us, there was a blonde haired girl and a darker haired girl. So my Dad and I just started hitting around and warming up, and we looked over at the girls, and realized that they were REALLY good. I mean REALLY. They hit so hard, and with SO much topspin, and such consistency and accuracy! The whole time my dad and I played, we would occasionally stop to watch these women play out points. When the blonde girl hit a particularly good shot, the darker haired women called out ''Nice shot, Tina''. Most of the time they would talk a different launguage, and that was one of the only phrases I could understand. Ok, so after my dad and I finished, we were in the car discussing how good the players next to us were. My dad even went as far as to say ''they were pro-ishly good''. So when I got home, I searched on the WTAtour site and found the only Tina there, Tina Pisnik. I've seen her name many times before on the internet on ESPN. So than I pulled up a picture, and it looked sorta like her, but I couldn't tell. Than my mom told me that the owner of the tennis club we played at was owned by a Slovanian(sp?) ambassador. It also turns out that Tina is Slovanian! So the club owner probably brought her over! It all made sense! I'm not 100%, but I am quite sure that it is Tina Pisnik. I have a lesson tommorow, so I'll be sure to ask my coach! But isn't that a cool thought! Playing RIGHT next to a WTA player, who has made it up as far as #29 in the world!? And her being in such a small, unknown facility! It would be so cool! Well, now I know what it feels like for Bets to know someone on the WTA tour! But Bets personally knows Meilen, so that's even cooler!

But yea, that's my story of the day!

12-11-2004, 11:23 AM
Woah! Thats awesome! Maybe you'll get to meet her.

Hopefully! My dad did hit a ball over on their side, and her coach threw it back to me and called me by my name cuz she heard my dad saying it! LOL! This isn't their first times here either, because I've seen them here this summer, so that's pretty cool. Let's hope it's actually Tina!