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11-09-2004, 06:22 AM
hey bets...We will need more than the andre! hope i'm wrong!

11-10-2004, 08:01 AM
The prospects may seem grim for the US in this tie ...

But I'll profess faith in my countrymen for ...

Victory is a thing of the will! ... not the surface ;)

11-11-2004, 09:09 AM
Patty Mac announced the US Team today:

Andy Roddick, Mardy Fish, Bob Bryan and Mike Bryan

Talk about tossing away an opportunity...I can't believe they didn't pull out every single stop to get Agassi to play. Twilight of his career, I'm sure there would have been something that would have gotten him to play for glory honor and the U.S of A. one last time in his career.

This is suicide on red dirt. Andy Bam Bam could get lucky and win a match, but not two on dirt - that serve is neutralized, and his backhand still is lesser than any of the 4 named Spaniards. Forget Fish, that's a hopeless cause here. Bryan/Bryan can win, but then if Nadal and Tommy R. are healthy, they could take it just as easily - those 2 are great at doubles, and on their most natural surface.

Just don't see the Americans winning this tie, not with this team.

11-11-2004, 09:37 AM
Hey Moose....This could be the early version of the French Open! I love betting longshots, but even this is a bit long.

11-11-2004, 10:07 AM
maybe 2nd round matches at RG. Don't think I would ride Roddick past week 1 at the French under the best of circumstances.

11-11-2004, 08:53 PM
I don't think there's any comparison between the French Open and Davis Cup for Rod ... other than this tie's surface, the situations are completely different.

11-21-2004, 08:33 PM
good point bets. jim courrier will get a shot at davis cup. maybe at that time we'll have a nice handfull of players that he can choose from. pretty limited now.

11-22-2004, 02:16 AM
bring back bud collins. the guy is funny, loves tennis and knows tennis. especially at wimbledon.

11-22-2004, 05:42 AM
bring back bud collins. the guy is funny, loves tennis and knows tennis. especially at wimbledon.

and he is about as sharp a dresser as they come! hehehe.

11-22-2004, 10:01 AM
hey moose....i'm getting me some of those pants that bud wears. my favorite bud quote, he called borg "the scragliy haired swede" during one of his 5 championships.

11-22-2004, 11:38 AM
What do you think about Roddick's future?

I think he's fine, and I think Gilbert's got him right on track. He's coming to net more and his backhand has really improved, become a weapon. I saw him ripping winners off that side against Safin.

The glaring weakness is still his mind. I didn't see the Hewitt debacle, but I suspect it was a case of Roddick beating himself.

11-23-2004, 01:43 AM
Why would he lack confidence against Hewitt but not agaisnt Safin?

When a guy like Hewitt is on ... it's just an incredible sight, almost never misses, get's absolutely everything back and his return is good enough to give Roddick even more balls coming back at him. It's so frustrating to play a guy like that. For Roddick, who is used to getting freebies with his serve and forehand, to have to play the perfect shot every time, just to win a point ... it's just a ton of pressure, and it builds througout the match.

Andy hasn't found a way to handle that pressure. I like that he's coming in more, but often times his approach just isn't that great. IMHO he needs to learn to work the point more, get to the net, but have the patience to come in when it's there for him. It's obvious that Gilbert has been coaching Andy to get to net more ... but Andy has to learn patience, and it's hard to teach that.

11-24-2004, 12:07 PM
I remember hearing thats one of the things Brad was really trying to work on. Instead of trying to blast winners and aces play a point rally make it last rather than just quick shots. You gotta admit he did use to do that a lot and now he is waiting out the point and working the other player more. He still definately needs improvement. I dont think he can beat any one of the guys on the Spanish team on clay. He has trouble enough w/their singles players on hard courts.

Well, Bets, considering not one of the 4 players on the Spanish team has ever won a match against Roddick, I don't think I buy that. Sure, Robredo is the only one who's ever played him on clay (and lost, of course) but Roddick has never had enough trouble against Moya, Ferrero or Nadal to actually lose to them.

11-29-2004, 05:30 AM
yeah, I'm hoping for a later start on Fri. There's a good chance that the only drama to be had will be that day.

12-02-2004, 12:09 AM
Looks like Ferrero isn't going to play. On the DC site they show Nadal scheduled to play both singles and doubles.

12-02-2004, 01:21 AM
Looks like Ferrero isn't going to play. On the DC site they show Nadal scheduled to play both singles and doubles.

Wow! Bet's is going to be in Rafa heaven!

12-02-2004, 05:37 AM
Doesn't DC begin tomorrow PJ ???

And I guess I'm the only one who voted for the US ... and now I'm leaning even more toward us with Nadal in there. No offense bets, but Nadal is pretty young to be carrying the full weight of DC pressure. I think Rod will take him and I think Fish can too. I'm thinking that this tie is going to be very close and the dubs are going to be very important. And with an experienced team like the Bryan bros, the US has the advantage there.

12-02-2004, 06:30 AM
ESPN is actually covering the finals! Anyway the times are:
Fri Dec 3 ESPN 12pm (it doesnt say what time it will show through but i hope until at least 3:30 cause i dont get home until 2:20!)
Saturday Dec 4 ESPN2 7pm (that i will watch! good time, i doubt its live though)
Sunday Dec 5 ESPN 3pm

I can't believe they don't show it live, even though the US are in the final. Tut tut.

12-02-2004, 06:57 AM
I can't believe they don't show it live

I can




12-02-2004, 10:12 PM
Spain up 1-0. Moya d. Fish, 6-2 6-2 6-3. Yes!

Uh oh :(

Roddick better win or this thing is ovaahh!

12-03-2004, 05:44 AM
What, am I surrounded by a bunch of anti-American sentiment here on TAT? GO USA!!! For crying out loud!

I think Andy played it well, came to net early and often from what I was able to see. If he could have pulled out the 3rd set, it might have been a different story. But I think his game plan was the way he needs to go for him to win on clay.

12-03-2004, 07:25 AM
LMFAO!! What's this about Andy calling Nadal BAMBI?!

12-03-2004, 07:37 AM
Courier would have made a better coach on clay than McEnroe.
Roddick has always been "clay-challenged", too many of his weapons are neutralized, and face it, Nadal has "star" written all over him.
Fish is a total waste of time on red dirt. The Americans should be embarassed that this is "the best" they can do on clay. I'd love to know if Andre was contacted, and how much true "effort" went into recruiting him. IT just makes sense that when the title is on the line, and Agassi is beginning to see his legacy, that he could have been persuaded to play one more time for the USA.

The Bryans might pull out the win tomorrow, but then what. Roddick could (though doubtful) pull off the upset on Moya, but Fish against Nadal? Pleeze.

It's not anti-American sentiment, Sebs. It's looking at the dancers who are at the ball and acknowledging that the American team is "coyote ugly".

12-03-2004, 09:39 AM
And it's not just looks that are the issue....Fish and Roddick have often seemed petty and obnoxious in matches.

All too often Americans seem surprised when they aren't on top. I think in most sports, including tennis, we think we should always win. I'm sure Andy expected a repeat of his match against Raf at the Olympics where he just blew him off the court. Apparently "Bambi" had the last word.

BTW... Andy still rocks!!!

12-03-2004, 12:38 PM
Im not anti american, im just not a big fan of Andys. I dont like him that much. I will say he played an amazing match. He did very well on clay today. I expected worse. But Nadal just really outplayed him. He had i think double the winners to unforced errors. I think that Andys forehand was off too. But he played a very nice match. And sebs you knew i wasnt going to be rooting for US. I love Nadal and Ferrero and Moya and Robredo. I love the Spaniards, they are some of the nicest best looking guys on the tour. ;) The only way i wouldve stayed neutral or rooted for the US is if they had Andre out there. If he played Moya id root for Andre but id stay neutral if he played Nadal. Not to menchon i cant stand P-Mac. I really detest him! If Jim was their captain that would help too.

I couldn't find any winners vs unforced errors statistics. I think it was Roddick's bad serving - he only got 55% first serves in.

Yes, McEnroe talked to Agassi about playing but Agassi feels that, due to his age, there's just no upside for him to play Davis Cup. He can barely play enough tournaments to keep him in the top 10.

Courier might be a better coach, but McEnroe has done a great job of putting together a winning team. Even if they don't win the final.

Not all matches are on clay.

12-03-2004, 10:27 PM
3mlm (or maybe someone else, tohugh 3's our house expert for sure!):

Was wondering something about Cup play.
If the Spaniards would lock things up today, I'm sure there will still be matches tomorrow, but I was wondering if it is at all possible that teams can use their official "substitutions" if they desired.

Was asking because Feliciano is the Spaniards #1 bench man - be nice, if Spain does lock it up, that things might somehow open up to give F-Lo a chance to play for his country, and maybe gain some valuable experience in Davis Cup play.

It's pretty wild that Spain's team is so deep that a top 25 player can't even make it onto the main squad. It seems that the Armada can still rule the seas.

12-03-2004, 10:36 PM
I pull for my country in team competitions, regardless of the makeup of said team.

GO USA!!! We can do it!!!

The Bryans win today ... then Andy sneaks out a win ...

then you're down to a one match scenario where anything could happen

12-04-2004, 08:41 AM

Pay no regard to the traitors!

You can do it!!!

12-04-2004, 08:43 AM
Hey, do I get some kind of prize when the USA wins???

12-04-2004, 08:54 AM
Oh, and one more thing ...






12-04-2004, 09:27 AM
why don't you just move to Spain

12-04-2004, 09:46 AM
You've badmouthed Patrick enough

I believe we're due an explanation

12-04-2004, 11:09 AM
You've badmouthed Tracy Austin enough

I believe we're due an explanation


12-04-2004, 11:09 PM
Bah Humbug!


12-05-2004, 12:24 AM
On the bright side ... at least our top guys are willing to play DC, and consider it an honor.

All those years without Pete playing! ... we would have won the thing every damn year with Pete and Andre. Nobody would have been close, except on clay where I'd understand Pete not wanting to play.

Biggest knock on Pete is his refusal to play DC ... very selfish, self-centered attitude. I'm glad he's out of tennis as far as that goes.