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03-08-2005, 03:10 AM
With play beginning tomorrow, thought its time to post the rules. I know I mentioned before that I thought about requiring a mens and womens pick each day, but decided against that - especially since no one lasted all 14 days at AO, figure lets see if we can get through an entire 12 day tourney before making it more difficult.

Here's the rules:
Suicide pools are a very simple concept that test your ability not only to pick a winner, but to project your winner through the ups and downs of a draw. You'll also have to know what players can easily win an early round match for you, but can be counted on (at least by yourself) to falter as you go through the 12 days of Indian Wells.

For each day of play, you have to pick 1 - yes, just one - winner. That is out of all the matches played that day.
But, once you pick someone, you cannot choose them again for the rest of the tournament. So you really don't want to pick a Federer to win in early matches.

To survive in the suicide pool, you will have to have gone through 12 successive days of picking a winner. Sure it may sound easy (and probably will be) on the first few days of play - but as you get deeper into the draws, you have to start picking based on not only who you think will win, but who is likely to lose down the road. And remember, if you are still alive come semi-final time, you are not only picking who you think would win a semi, but also who would lose the final, since you could not pick the same player again.

Picks will begin with the release of the Order of Play for Day 1 - you will have until play begins on Day 1 to make your selection. Your selection can be from either the mens or womens side, but it has to be for a Day 1 match. Subsequently, you can pick your Day 2 winner as soon as the Day 2 order of play is announced, and so on.

Hope that makes sense, but I am available for any questions.

03-08-2005, 12:35 PM
You could have us pick both a men's and a women's match for each day. If you lose the women's match you can only continue selecting for the men's until you lose that and then you are out.

Suicide for dummies :D