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07-01-2005, 12:15 AM
it all comes down to this...for the crown.
Good luck.

(1) Lindsay Davenport (USA)
v. (14) Venus Williams (USA)

though we know your selection, we'll let you go ahead and post it.

07-01-2005, 03:53 PM
Hi all,

Well, It is around 6:30 A.M. I went to bed early last night having spent the night with my niece. We had a wonderful dinner and then a ride on the London Eye. She lost in the quarter finals, it will be interesting to see if her victor will be crowned champion tomorrow.

She is off to take some tests for her schooling and then back to her tennis and the goals that follow. She's a good kid, a bit hard on herself but hopefully with maturity and confidence she will get less harsh and continue to find competition to be a challenge and not a grind. So much pressure is put on these girls about their physical appearance it is amazing to me that more don't end up like Hantuchova, who is painful to see. The ten or so pounds that television adds is helpful in her situation. The stories she told me.......well I will start another thread for those perhaps after I return

Well a bit off the subject but I will now come around. My pick obviously is Lindsay. I haven't read much lately but the talk in the pubs has mostly referred to Davenport and the heavy strapping she wore during the Mauresmo match. It seems that Amelie has become a London favorite, maybe because of their own problems of having one of their own win this tournament and Amelie's inability as of yet to grab a slam title.

But many were not convinced of an injury and questioned gamemanship or a pschological problem with Davenport. Her movement seemed to be altered but I am hoping that she was just sore from playing two great movers in Clisjters and Kuznetsova.

I feel for Amelie and hope that she does continue her quest in a positive way. She has made strides and although she missed some key points and squandered a couple of leads she did not seem to play like she was already beaten like she has in the past.

All of that match I have derived from my friends that attended. I was present for the Williams-Sharapova and it proved to be an exciting match. I suprised myself at the end during Venus's dancing jig on court to feel tears on my cheeks. It seemed as if a heavy weight had been lifted and she could once again enjoy some things as she used to. Perhaps her mourning period is over.

I am hoping for a hard fought and heated final. I am not expecting that from the men's side.(but I have been happily wrong before)


07-01-2005, 10:43 PM

That was really a great post. Tell your niece that all of us at TAT are cheering for her...maybe we can make her a TAT Favorite, and follow her career here. If she ever makes it to the Philadelphia Advanta tour stop (indoor surface, the tourney is held in November) let me know. I go to many of the matches.

Good luck with Davs...think most of us here on the board are torn on who we want to win this one.

And BTW, my fellow Rickie Lee Jones fan - there's a new 3 CD set that came out this week, called "Duchess of Coolsville", its a career anthology, with a 3rd disc of demos, unreleased performances and some stuff she has done with other artists. Love her singing with The BLue Nile doing "Easter Parade".