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09-15-2019, 09:29 AM
This contest is temporarily closed to new participants. If you participated in the contest since January 1,2010 or you signed up on or before Monday December 31,2018, you are eligible to participate.

We have five events to predict this week. The ATP is at Metz and St. Petersburg. The WTA is at Guangzhou, Seoul and Tokyo.


Metz: http://www.talkabouttennis.com/contests/pc2019/brackets/091619ATPMETZ.htm Predictions are due Wednesday noon local (6 AM EDT - 3 AM PDT)

St. Petersburg: http://www.talkabouttennis.com/contests/pc2019/brackets/091619ATPST-PETERSBURG.htm Predictions are due Thursday 1 PM local (6 AM EDT - 3 AM PDT)


Guangzhou: http://www.talkabouttennis.com/contests/pc2019/brackets/091619WTAGUANGZHOU.htm Predictions are due before start of play Wednesday 2 PM local (USA: 2 AM EDT - 11 PM PDT Tuesday evening)

Osaka: http://www.talkabouttennis.com/contests/pc2019/brackets/091619WTAOSAKA.htm Predictions are due before start of play Wednesday 11 AM local (USA: Tuesday evening at 10 PM EDT - 7 PM PDT)

Seoul: http://www.talkabouttennis.com/contests/pc2019/brackets/091619WTASEOUL.htm Predictions are due before start of play Wednesday noon local (USA: Tuesday evening at 11 PM EDT - 8 PM PDT)


After the deadlines pass, you will be able to find everyone's picks at http://www.talkabouttennis.com/contests/pc2019/results/091619allpicks.htm

Dates and time are subject to change.

09-17-2019, 09:55 AM
9 hours until the first is due. 10 hours till the 2nd. 12 till the 3rd!

09-18-2019, 06:30 AM
Picks excluding St. Petersburg posted.

Now all.