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04-28-2019, 11:03 AM
This contest is closed to new participants. If you participated in the contest since January 1,2010 or you signed up on or before Monday December 25,2016, you are eligible to participate.

We have four events to predict this week. The ATP is playing at Estoril and Munich while the WTA is playing at Prague and Rabat.


Estroil: http://www.talkabouttennis.com/contests/pc2019/brackets/042919ATPESTORIL.htm Predictions will be due before play starts on Wednesday at 1 PM (USA: 8 AM EDT - 5 AM PDT)

Munich : http://www.talkabouttennis.com/contests/pc2019/brackets/042919ATPMUNICH.htm Predictions will be due before play starts on Wednesday at 11AM local (USA: 5 AM EDT - 2 AM PDT)


Prague : http://www.talkabouttennis.com/contests/pc2019/brackets/042919WTAPRAGUE.htm Predictions will be due before play starts on Wednesday at 11 AM local (USA: 5 AM EDT - 2 AM PDT)

Rabat : http://www.talkabouttennis.com/contests/pc2019/brackets/042919RABAT.htm (http://www.talkabouttennis.com/contests/pc2019/brackets/042919WTARABAT.htm) Predictions will be due before play starts on Wednesday at 11 AM local (USA: 6 AM EDT - 3 AM PDT)

After the deadlines pass, you will be able to find everyone's picks at:

Dates and time are subject to change.

04-29-2019, 12:20 PM
Just to put this out there while there's still lots of time...the draw in Prague was revised :)

04-30-2019, 04:22 AM
Looks like it's been updated.

04-30-2019, 10:53 AM
So this is your bump/remidner... looks like everything due in 15-21 hours.

05-01-2019, 09:34 AM
Picks are posted

05-01-2019, 12:54 PM
Well, Diego ain't winning Munich this week! Looks like I was the only one though! Whoops.

the Moz
05-02-2019, 05:37 AM
I've been consistently good as of late, at missing deadlines or finishing last :bowing::bowing::bowing:

05-02-2019, 11:39 AM
Women's semi's are set:

14 of us had Strycova.
For the remaining 3 semifinalists we only got three correct.

3 have Strycova winning.

In the other:

1 had Sakkari
17 had AvU
11 have Ajla
5 had Konta

5 have winner still alive: 3 Konta, 1 AvU, 1 Ajla

05-03-2019, 04:38 AM
Can we keep calling her AvU ? I never rmember how to spell Uytvanck. :)

05-03-2019, 05:42 AM
Now in Prague we only got one finalist right - tenedab had Muchova. No one else had either finalist even in the semis. Only one person even had Teichmann in quarters.

05-03-2019, 09:50 AM
Rabat better but not by much. Sakkari vs. Konta - 6 correct. At least 3 still have champion alive (JoKo)