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dave g
07-12-2018, 03:13 PM
Now that we are down to finals with blaker414 and eskimo_53, some special tie-breaking rules need to be applied. Since both of you only have Angelique Kerber left, there is not a lot of suspense about who you are going to pick. However, you still have to post the pick on this thread.

If you both post your picks, you will have both won the Suicide Pool and the Suicide Pool Medal. The only unresolved issue is who gets the prize from Jon Wertheim, and your picks for the finals is not going to resolve that issue.

So, I have decided upon a tie-breaking system. You are both going to send me a "Private Message" with the answer to the four following questions:

1) Who is going to win? (You don't need to stick with your pick.)
2) How many sets will the match last?
3) How many more games with the winner win than the runner-up win? For instance, if you think the score will be 6-3, 4-6 , 6-4 then the winner will have won 16 games and the runner-up will have won 12 games, which would make your answer "4". The number does not need to be positive. For instance if you think the score will mirror the results of match where Hana Manlikova beat Martina Navritolova in the US open final [7-6, 0-6, 7-6], you would be predicting that the winner would win 14 games and the runner-up would win 18 games, which would make your answer "-4". :cheesy:
4. How many aces will Angelique Kerber serve?

This tie-break system is purely hierarchical. If your choices about who will win the match are different, then whoever is right wins Wetheirm's prize. If you both choose the same person to win, but predict different numbers of sets, then the person predicting the right number of sets wins. If you both predict the same person to win and the same number of sets, then whoever is closest to the difference in the number of games won wins the prize. If you both predict the same person to win, and the same number of sets, and are the same distance for the difference in the number of games won, then whoever's prediction of the number of aces served by Angelique Kerber wins the prize.
If, but some strange chance, there is still no winner, we might have to repeat this tie-breaking system using the men's final.

If you have not used "Private Message" before,
1) go to the top of the web-page, in the headers, just under the "FORUM" button is a button labeled "Private Messages". Click on that tab.
2) Underneath the header, there will be a pair of outlined boxes, the large on with be "Inbox'. To the left of "Inbox" will be a smaller box labeled "My Messages". The third line down is a link called "Send New Message". When you click on it, you will have a fairly standard looking email-type interface. Put my TAT name (dave g) in the To: box , type in your answers, and be sure to click the "Submit Message" button underneath the box for the body of the "email".

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Angelique Kerber

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Angelique Kerber