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06-03-2018, 11:38 AM
Welcome all to Day 9 of our 14th annual French Open Men's Suicide Pool!

Post your Day 9 pick by replying IN THIS THREAD. Your pick must be in before the scheduled start of play for the day in Paris, rain or shine. For day 9, that’s Monday, 11:00 AM in Paris, France. For those in the US, that is Monday 5:00 AM EST. Please do not be late, as we hate making those hard decisions, but we will. This thread will be locked at the deadline, so please don't wait until the last minute or you may find it locked when you hit "post."

Since the object of the game is to pick a player who you are sure is going to win on that day, should your player withdraw, the player obviously cannot win their match. You do not get a substitute (lucky loser) - you have chosen a player, not a spot in the draw. You might want to scout your player and make sure there is not a known injury or illness issue.Please don't write anything other than the name of your pick when posting in this thread.. We welcome your comments, but please post them in the Picks & Results thread, or in the Loser's Lounge, just because it makes our workflow a lot easier.

Monday's order of play features the matches from the top half of the draw:

Rafael NADAL [1] vs. Maximiliam MARTERER
Diego SCHWARTZMAN [11] vs. Kevin ANDERSON [6]
Marin CILIC [3] vs. Fabio FOGNINI [18]
John ISNER [9] vs. Juan Martin DEL POTRO [5]

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Juan Martin del Potro

06-03-2018, 02:29 PM
Juan Martin del Potro

06-03-2018, 02:47 PM
Jon D'oh takes Cilic

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D. Schwartzman

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