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dave g
01-27-2017, 04:21 PM
Around the World will be open to all TAT members. This year we decided to change things a little to make the contests a little more interesting. Specifically, we decided to switch our single gender contests to the opposite gender. So, while Around the World has historically been a WTA contest, this year it is an ATP contest.

It will encompass 4 weeks with 12 indoor and outdoor hard-court and clay tournaments: Montpellier, Sofia, Quito, Buenos Aries, Memphis, Rotterdam, Delray Beach, Marseilles, Rio De Janeiro, Acapulco, and Sao Paulo.

Your team will consist of 12 ATP players from the top 100 men (as of the rankings dated January 30, 2017) on the ATP Tour. You will have 150 credits to spend on your 12-man team. Your initial team may not be the same as a team that has already been posted, or it will be disqualified. We'll do our best to help monitor this. However, the responsibility of adhering to the requirements of this rule falls solely in the hands of the contest participant.

The top 100 ATP players are divided into 4 categories. Each player will be priced according to his ranking. You'll purchase 3 players from each category.

Like other TAT Fantasy Tournaments, each player on your team will be awarded points depending on how deep he goes in each tournament.

You are allowed up to 5 trades during the 12 tournament contest. Trades can be made at any time and for any reason, but a trade will not go into effect until the following tournament. To make a trade, sell a player back (adding her price to your remaining credits) then simply buy another player. When making a trade, please post in the Trade Thread, found here. YOU MUST ALWAYS HAVE 3 PLAYERS PER CATEGORY ON YOUR TEAM AND YOU CAN NEVER HAVE SPENT MORE THAN 150 CREDITS. If your trade violates these rules, your trade is cancelled and you lose your trade; that is, if it was your first trade, you will then have only 4 trades remaining.

Montpellier, February 6
Sofia, February 6
Quito, February 6
Buenos Aires, February 13
Memphis, February 13
Rotterdam, February 13
Delray Beach, February 20
Marseilles, February 20
Rio de Janeiro, February 20
Acapulco, February 27
Dubai, February 27
Sao Paulo, February 27

Links to the different tournament websites can be found at http://www.atptour.com/tournaments (http://www.wtatennis.com/tournaments)

Categories and Player Pricing:
CATEGORY A: Players 1-15. Price 16-30 credits each.
CATEGORY B: Players 16-40. Price 9-15 credits each.
CATEGORY C: Players 41-70. Price 6-8 credits each.
CATEGORY D: Players 71-100. Price 5 credits each.

It is your responsibility to "scout" the players on your team and ensure that they're playing in each specific tournament. The team you have at the start of each tournament is the team you're playing.

Your team must be posted by the start of play at the earliest time in Montpellier, Sofia, and Quito, which begin Monday, February 6, 2017. No late entrants will be accepted.

What Do You Do Now?
Select your team before the start of play Monday, February 6 (local time)! You can find the list of players and prices in the Players and Prices thread.

If you still have any questions after reading the contest rules, please feel free to ask them at the Information Desk! We'll answer them as quickly as possible.