View Full Version : Martini4Me/Fish - AOSP Women Day 13 Tiebreak

01-25-2007, 06:39 PM
Congrats again, Martini4Me and Fish. From 189 players that began the game back two weeks ago, you two were the only ones remaining. You got to the semifinal. Unfortunately, we won't have anyone beating the draw at this year's Australian.

Now, to determine the winner of the '07 Womens AO Suicide Pool Prize package.

I need you both to send me a Private Message, with your choices for the following:


2) Total number of games played in the Championship

3) Total number of winners for the Champion of the Womens AO.

To send me a PM - if you look at the bottom of my post...in the white, right above the gray, you'll see two buttons - Profile and PM. Click on PM, and send me your answers. We do this as a PM so no one has an unfair advantage by seeing the other's selection first.

If you have different players as your choice of winner, that will decide it. If you have the same, we will go to Tiebreak 2 (NOTE: it is closest to the total number of games, either over or under). If still tied we will go to #3.

Your answers are due by 7:00 P.M. Friday 1/26 (Eastern Time). That way I can get them posted before the match, so you both know what the other one chose once the match begins.