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10-29-2012, 05:23 AM
This week's results can be found at the following link:


You can use the tabs at the bottom of the report to show sorted results by category.

Our winner for the week is BHar11 followed by Dryrunguy finishing second with Mikel finishing third.

On the ATP, BHar11 finished first followed by Waylandboy-tw finishing second with Jadesa, EvilJuju and Martini4me finishing in a tie for third.

On the WTA, Dryrunguy and Munchin with Doc_P and Pingponger finishing in a tie for third.

On the doubles, BHar11, Mikel, Dryrunguy got the winning team.

Congratulations to this week's winners and high-scorers!

Race to Istanbul contest results:

GOLD goes to Patrick

SILVER goes to Omegadoom

BRONZE goes to Miles and Evil Juju

Actually, Patrick, Omegadoom, Miles, Evil Juju and JTContinental were tied for first but Patrick gets the gold due to having the top score in the race to Istanbul, Omegadoom gets the silver due to having the second best score in the race to Istanbul with Miles and Evil Juju gets the bronze as they were tied and had the better score in the Race to Istanbul over JTContinental

Therefore, congratulations to our three medalists for the Race to Istanbul!

Dryrunguy will awards the medals in the next few days

10-29-2012, 07:47 AM
Congrats to the winners -- and better luck next year to all the losers!

10-29-2012, 09:56 AM
Hooray for winners; boo for tiebreakers!

10-29-2012, 10:09 AM
Hooray for winners; boo for tiebreakers!

Boo to JTC not getting a medal.

Also, surprised to see five people with identical scores. I'm assuming we all have the same predictions somehow.

dave g
10-29-2012, 02:48 PM
Congradulations to the medal winners. Actually, anyone in the medal contention round did very well.

10-31-2012, 10:19 AM
Wow. Down to tiebreakers. Really stinks for JTC.

Congratulations to the winners.