View Full Version : TATiquette 101

11-19-2006, 04:35 PM
TAT is a growing community. With this growth, the TAT Staff is faced with the challenge of keeping our community comfortable and welcoming to all members -- current and future alike -- without stifling its belief in free speech.

We've created The Dumpster (a board in the forum) to accommodate a wider variety of discussion without imposing off-color discussions on members who prefer not to take part in those discussions. We want all members to understand the rules that guide this growth.

Off-color discussions which include sexual innuendo must remain in The Dumpster. If the discussion turns inappropriate for an outside board, the thread will be split at that point and moved into The Dumpster. This practice of splitting threads is not only difficult for us to moderate but it breaks the flow of the thread and often causes confusion among members who are following these discussions. Please try and keep discussions on regular boards on-topic and free of questionable posts.

If you're unable to see The Dumpster, PM a staff member for the explanation.

There is no place on TAT for specific content.
Here's a list of things that will not be tolerated under any circumstances:

1. Racism, homophobia, or attacks on any individual for any reason.
2. Name calling (i.e., "Don't be such an idiot").
3. Pornographic material, explicit sexual descriptions or links to such.
4. Links to product sites except those that have a partnership with TAT.
5. Links to gambling sites.
6. Harassment or stalking.
7. Hijacking of threads for negative purposes.