View Full Version : San Diego is clearly a playoff team!

12-18-2005, 04:38 PM
The San Diego Chargers have had a murderous schedule. It is looking like there is still a good chance they will miss the playoffs. They spanked New England, just ended the Colts winning streak today, and all their losses have been close, while few of their wins are too close. I have seen them play enough this year to know they are a playoff team atleast, there is no doubt they should be one of the 6 from their conference to be in the playoffs at the very least. It would be sad if they did not make it. I hope Indianopolis beats Jacksonville, San Diego and Pittsburg both win their final two, and Jacksonville is out of it. Jacksonville clearly is not a playoff team. New England is probably not either this year, but they lucked out with a mickey mouse division.