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05-20-2011, 09:37 AM
You Can’t Win Jack Contest - French Open 2011

The 2011 French Open "You Can't Win Jack" will be a medal-awarding contest for the first-place winner(s) only.

Anyone can pick the men’s and women’s singles winners of the 2011 French Open, but it takes real talent to spot the ultimate LOSER of the event. The Wooden Spoon Award goes to the last place finisher of a competition – in tennis terms, it’s the player whose conqueror loses in the next round, whose conqueror loses in the next round, whose conqueror loses in the next round, etc.


At the 2011 Australian Open, Jamie Hampton was the women's Wooden Spoon Winner. She lost to Elena Baltacha, who lost to Justine Henin, who got sent into retirement by Svetlana Kuznetsova, who set the longest slam match record in losing to Francesca Schiavone, who ran out of gas against Caroline Wozniacki, who failed to convert a match point against Li Na, who ultimately couldn't handle the pressure of a slam final against Kim Clijsters. Unfortunately, she lost to Aleksandra Wozniak in the final round of French Open qualifying and will be unable to defend her title.

Not to be outdone, Denis Gremelmayr was the ultimate loser on the men's side. He lost to Radek Stepanek, who lost to John Isner, who lost to Marin Cilic, who lost to Rafael Nadal, who lost to David Ferrer, who lost to Andy Murray, who lost to Novak Djokovic. Mr. Gremelmayr has survived French Open qualifying and will be looking forward to defending his hard-won Wooden Spoon award!

That's how Jamie Hampton and Denis Gremelmayr captured the boobie prizes in TAT YCWJ tennis at the 2011 Australian Open!

ENTRY: To enter the 2011 French Open "You Can't Win Jack" contest, pick the names of four men’s singles contestants and four women’s singles contestants who you think are the most likely to finish in “last place” in their respective draws. Rank those players 1-4, with #1 being your most likely to finish “last”.

These picks carry through the rest of the tournament. So if your picks lose in the first round – and you hope they do! – the players who beat your picks become your new selections in the 2R, and so on, until the finals (if you’re lucky…).

SCORING: For each round that one of your entries remains in the running, you earn a point. Bonus points are earned based on your selected rank of your four picks. You get a multiplier for bonus points – your number 1 pick gets a bonus of (x4), #2 pick gets a bonus of (x3), #3 pick gets a bonus of (x2) and #4 pick gets a bonus of (x1).

EXAMPLE: Using the 2009 Australian Open as an example, let’s say Bernard Tomic was my #1 pick in the Wooden Spoon contest. Since he won in the 1R, I get no points. But Oscar Hernandez was my #2 pick, and he lost to Janko Tipsarevic. So I get a point for Hernandez' loss, and Tipsarevic automatically becomes my 2R pick. As my #2 pick, any points I earned from Hernandez - and from Tipsarevic in the next round, etc. - get multiplied by (x3).

BONUS POINTS: At the 2009 US Open, a bonus point system was initiated. Bonus points were awarded to anyone who picked the actual Wooden Spoon Winner(s) (unfortunately no one did for either men or women). That system will still be in place at the 2011 French Open. There will be a 5 point bonus x the weight of pick.

#1 confidence pick = 5 bonus points x 4 = 20 bonus points
#2 confidence pick = 5 bonus points x 3 = 15 bonus ponits
#3 confidence pick = 5 bonus points x 2 = 10 bonus points
#4 confidence pick = 5 bonus points x 1 = 5 bonus points

* To make it easy on yourself, fill out a full drawsheet, then trace backwards through the draw to find your ultimate losers!

* It’s not enough to pick players who you think will lose first round, because you'll need the winner of the match to lose in the next round.

NOTE: If any player that you select withdraws before his/her first round match, and you do not change your pick, you will be assigned the player who takes your original selection's place in the draw.

Entries are due before the start of main draw play at the French Open on Sunday, May 22nd (Early Sunday Morning in the US).

Good Luck to all entrants.

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