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03-28-2011, 02:23 PM
Below are the links to the official sites (where available… thanks Casablanca and Munich!) of the tournaments for The Slide into Paris.

Casablanca: http://www.gphassan2tennis.com/index.php : At this point, it still has last year’s information up. I remember this site being the least navigable last year, too.
Houston: http://www.mensclaycourt.com/
Monte-Carlo: http://www.monte-carlorolexmasters.com/ (http://www.monte-carlorolexmasters.com/)
Barcelona: http://www.barcelonaopenbancsabadell.com/index.php?lang=en (http://www.barcelonaopenbancsabadell.com/index.php?lang=en)
Munich: http://www.bmwopen.de/english/tournament/index.html : Like Casablanca, it still has last year’s info up. I remember it being the second-least navigable.
Belgrade: http://www.serbiaopen.rs/index.php?jezik=2 (http://www.serbiaopen.rs/index.php?jezik=2)
Estoril: http://www.estorilopen.net/ (http://www.estorilopen.net/)
Madrid: http://www.madrid-open.com/en/ (http://www.madrid-open.com/en/)
Rome: http://www.internazionalibnlditalia.it/1/default.asp?LNG=EN (http://www.internazionalibnlditalia.it/1/default.asp?LNG=EN)

In addition to these websites, we would also invite you to use Ti-Amie’s Player Entry lists found in the Members Only 2011 Tournament Information thread. Both wayland and I have found these lists invaluably helpful in team planning.