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01-13-2011, 10:51 PM
To my friends at TAT:

Please accept my apologies for not having posted the updated stats for the PeterSkan Contest following the USO. I have the data and modified the tables and was intending to post them after my extensive road trip in October: Saskatchewan to New York and return in 2 weeks during the brilliance of autumn at its peak!

In that time I had the opportunity to spend a few days alone with my mother. She was in pretty good form, I must say - a remarkable person with a remarkable mind. We trotted through the sands of time, she reminiscing, me furiously taking notes.

I was glad to have brought some keyboard music with me - some of Mom's lounge lizard favourites. To be perfectly honest, my talented wife and daughters won't let me near the keyboard with this stuff, but in their absence my Mom ate up every note I struck and we had a great time together.

Six weeks later, business took me back to Ottawa. By this time Mom was in hospice care, but lapping up all the attention from friends and relatives far and near. My four siblings and I spent an afternoon with her. It was the first time we had all been together since my Dad passed away 19 years ago! The next week, my four kids traveled from various points in North America to visit.

My Mom passed away shortly afterward, 6 weeks ago tonight, in fact. I'm the fourth of her five children, so was especially honoured to be asked to give the eulogy at the funeral service. That night, at my sister's, I had another duty. Mom had entrusted me with a sealed envelope fifteen years ago, "To My Children - to be opened after my death". I broke the seal for the first time that night and read the two-page letter to the family. My mother was an accomplished writer, but I dare say I had not read anything she penned so touching, so beautiful, so meaningful and personal.

Now there are estate matters to be resolved, and as I anticipated, there are complications. In a few hours I will be back on a plane to Ottawa to address some of this.

I'm sorry for going on like this - please forgive this indulgence. I guess what I want to assure you all is that I am not turning my back on the SkanTest; indeed, I am hoping that previous contestants will put forward their teams, and that we have a healthy contingent of newcomers. The link to the contest is here:


It's just that my time is at an absolute premium, so some of what you have come to expect with the Contest may not happen right away, if at all [ but of course the prize is a given = :) ]

I'm not in the market for condolences, either. Mom lived a good and full life, all 86 years of it. She passed away without undue suffering, but her quality of life had dissipated in those last few days.

The world is a better place for the time she spent on it. She has earned her rest.



P.S. - I find the TAT Arcade very therapeutic. If you haven't explored it - give it a go! Thanks to the folks who keep it going!