View Full Version : Concert Story!

10-13-2004, 09:52 AM
When my family travels we like to listen to a christian pop band called The Newsboys. It is the one cd that we usually agree on cuz the kids like the music and we like the message. So when Newsboys were headed to our hometown fair, we got tickets. The show was last night! It turns out that someone who works with my wife is also in the admin at the fair and got us VIP tickets right against the side of the stage. It was an awesome concert, we knew every song! But the best part was earlier in the day when we first arrived.... My wife wanted a lemonade so I was purchasing said beverage when I heard my wife behind me exclaiming "Newsboy, Newsboy!!" As I turned I saw none other than Phil Joel walking right past us! I approached and told him we recognized him. He shook our hands and was very friendly and genuine. How nice it is when the social notables take time for us lowly peasants ;D (did I mention we were right next to the stage? ;D)