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10-15-2004, 03:42 AM
On Nightline last night, Ted Koppell showed the true story, the true recollections of the villagers in Vietnam regarding the fight the Swift Vote Veterans for "Truth" are saying (and writing) Kerry lied about.

They recalled there was quite a gun battle that day. Heavy fire. They were in the middle of it. They recalled the so-called teenager in a loin cloth Kerry shot (according to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth). He was a big man of 26 or 27 years of age in soldier's black gear. Of course, the truth was directly contrary to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth's claims. Then he interviewed O'Neill, who would not answer the questions. O'Neill kept holding up a book and quoting line and page, but would not answer the questions Koppell asked. None of them. Koppell asked what motive would these villagers have to make anything up. They had nothing to gain from this election. O'Neill refused to answer. Koppell got tough and exposed O'Neill for the liar he is. O'Neill simply had nothing he could say. He just kept holding up the book. Koppell told him to put down the book because we couldn't see it anyway. Koppell closed by remarking that when Nightline went to those villages, they didn't know what they would find. They would have reported it either way. This was a direct swipe at the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, because it is clear from the interviews earlier in the program that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth or another conservative group visited earlier with cameras, but didn't like what they heard, so they chose to ignore the truth. Koppell said Nightline is about revealing the truth, not concealing it.

It was obvious the Swift Boat Veterans for "Truth" simply care nothing for truth at all.

10-15-2004, 05:58 AM
O'neill, in my opinion, has been holding a grudge against Kerry ever since they appeared together on Dick Cavett's show some 30-odd years ago, where Kerry just stomped him.

I'll always remember the night that Chris Matthews tore O'neill and his book apart. As, apparently Koppel did on Nightline.

Over the months since "Unfit for Command" was released, the "Swiftboat liars for Bush" have consistently had the real light of truth shined upon them and the fact that they were created to do nothing but try and damage Kerry's record is finally being realized.