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10-17-2004, 07:19 AM
Eighteen soldiers who refused to make a fuel delivery in Iraq were concerned about their safety and vehicle maintenance, the U.S. military said Sunday. Sgt. Larry O. McCook was among those who refused the mission. He told his wife, Patricia, that the equipment was not right for the job.

"They don't have bulletproof protection on the vehicles," Patricia McCook said. "They just don't go fast at all. It's just not safe to be in a hostile territory."

(Brig. Gen. James E.) Chambers said all convoys are escorted, and there is also air support in areas of high insurgent resistance.

Taken from: http://www.cnn.com/2004/WORLD/meast/10/17/iraq.soldiers/index.html

I find it a little suspect that Brig. Gen. Chambers was before the press within a week of the incident putting a positive spin on it. I wonder if the looming presidential election has anything to do with it? Ask me who I believe -- 18 soldiers who feared for their lives enough to disobey orders, or an officer in this administration's military.

The Times reported in its Sunday editions that prisoners at Guantanamo deemed uncooperative were stripped to their underwear, shackled hand and foot to a bolt in the floor and forced to endure strobe lights and loud music played from close loudspeakers, while the air conditioning was turned up to maximum levels for periods as long as 14 hours.

Taken from: http://www.cnn.com/2004/ALLPOLITICS/10/16/security.guantanamo.report.reut/index.html

That's not the America I love.

10-17-2004, 09:23 AM
Are you on the "no carb" diet kirk?



10-17-2004, 11:36 AM
LOL. ;D You bet I am. And if I have my way the entire nation will be on a No Carb diet in a few months.

10-18-2004, 12:24 AM
Good one, and I agree.

{where does Sebastien find all these good tidbits?}

10-18-2004, 12:34 AM
where does Sebastien find all these good tidbits?}

I've had a lot of free time lately ;D