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10-24-2004, 04:06 AM
Find out what happened in music for any day of the year. For example, on Oct. 24 ...

1967, Pink Floyd were forced to cancel a tour of the US when Syd Barrett refused to move his lips in time to 'Arnold Layne', on ABC-TV's American Bandstand.

1970, Pink Floyd were at No.1 on the UK chart with the album 'Atom Heart Mother', the groups first No.1 album.

1973, John Lennon began litigation against the US government accusing them of tapping his telephone.

1973, Keith Richards was fined £205 after admitting to having cannabis, tiny amounts of Chinese heroin, mandrax tablets and a revolver at his Chelsea home.

1977, Keith Richards pleaded guilty to possessing heroin to a court in Toronto and was given a one year suspended sentence and ordered to perform a benefit concert for the blind.

1979, Paul McCartney received a medallion cast in rhodium after being declared the most successful composer of all time. From 1962 to 1978, he had written or co-written 43 songs that had sold over a million copies each.

1987, Michael Jackson started a two week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Bad', a No.3 hit in the UK.

1987, Sting went to No.1 on the UK album chart with his third solo release 'Nothing Like The Sun.'


10-24-2004, 08:17 AM
Neat site! I like those posters you can get that say everything that happened on the day you were born :)