View Full Version : House Of Flying Daggers

12-27-2004, 07:16 AM
man, this movie is BEAUTIFUL to watch, and the action scenes are great.

The HOFD is a revolutionary group that the lead female (Zin Zhang, who is gorgeous) is suspected of having ties to. The official who is supposed to be keeping an eye on her for the government falls for her. The movie has some incredible fight scenes, including this scene in a bamboo forrest that is as good (maybe better) than the battle in the trees in "Crouching Tiger".

I wish I understood Chinese, because I am sure a movie like this takes on a whole different meaning if you hear it (and understand it) in the native tongue. It's like trying to imagine a Chinese person watching "Rocky", sure you can translate the gist of the story, but there are nuances you could never understand unless you are from the States (actually, I think there are nuances in Rocky you can only understand if you are from Philly).

Anyway, this is at the Top of my year's favorites, along with "Eternal Sunshine" and "Sideways". Big Time TAT Recomendation!