View Full Version : 10 Worst Album Covers of All Time

01-09-2005, 06:19 AM
These album covers (http://porktornado.diaryland.com/albumcover.html) are hilarious. And the captions are even funnier!

The site won't allow me to link the images ... but here's what they had to say about #1, Tino Por Primera Vez

This album cover was made because not enough people in Tino¬ís hometown hated him. Por Primera Vez means ¬ďfor the first time¬Ē. As in- For the first time, I have an excuse to wear my little sisters clothes. I¬ím sure he was referring to de-flowering a virgin, based on his oh-so-seductive pose. He doesn¬ít look the least bit creepy or unnatural. What he looks like is a smoldering latin heart throb¬Öwearing Jordache shorts that were made for an eight year old girl, and an izod golf shirt that is stretched so tight you can see through it. The colors used in the title block are timeless, assuming your idea of time is between 1976 and 1978. It was a close race between Tino and Devastatin¬í Dave for the number one spot, but the element that pushed it over the edge was Tino¬ís left hand on his abdomen. I don¬ít know why that triggers my gag reflex, but it does. If anyone has any ideas that would make this album cover more uncomfortable to look at, please don¬ít tell me.