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03-06-2009, 07:52 PM
The Wizards Fan Who Talked Trash to Obama


"We were up by 15," Rawls remembered in a phone conversation this afternoon. "I told [Obama], 'You can tell them to warm up the limo, Sir, because this is a wrap here.' "

And really, not too many people can claim to have taunted a sitting President with the old "Warm up the limo" chant.

So anyhow, the back story. Rawls has season tickets facing the Wiz bench, at the bottom of Section 110. Like everyone else, he heard the rumors about how Obama would be there last Friday night. In anticipation, he went to a sportswear place on Pennsylvania Avenue called Shooters to pick up a $15 Obama t-shirt. He showed up at the Verizon Center around 6:25, and was greeted by his usual usher.

"The usher told me I had to be on my best behavior," Rawls recalled. "I said 'For what?' She said, 'The President's sitting right in front to you.' I said, 'Well, he best enjoy the show, because y'all know I don't pull no punches. For $285, y'all know what I do. I have me a good time.' "


I caught an interview of Miles Rawls on Keith Olbermann's show tonight. The guy is simply great!