View Full Version : Arcade scores have been reset - time for June!

06-01-2008, 12:50 AM
New month, clean slate. Good luck to you all once again! :)

Gone: Deal Or No Deal has been removed, as had been announced about two months ago. No replacement has been found as yet.

Disco Bowling has also been removed. We have a couple of replacements in mind, but they still need some testing before we install them here.

New: Color Jumper. We've been looking for a game to replace Hexxagon. Something that also requires a bit of thought, but something without a maximum score. As we're not sure about this game yet, we're hoping you can help us try it out so we know what we're dealing with ;)

Ms. Pacman New. A slightly different version of the original Pacman game. Also a tester for you, the gamer, to have a go at. Whichever Pacman game turns out to be the most popular after about two months, gets to stay.