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  1. Drill (Ground Strokes): Rallying Deep
  2. Drill (Ground Strokes): The Crosscourt/Down-the-line
  3. Drill (Ground Strokes): Down-the-line/Down-the-line
  4. Drill (Ground Strokes): Cross Court/Cross Court
  5. Drill (Serve): Aiming the serve
  6. Drill (Serve): Serving from WAAAAAAY Back
  7. Drill (Singles): 1/2 Volley Trouble
  8. Drill (Singles): Drop Shot Heaven
  9. Drill (Overhead): Up and back overhead
  10. Drill (Footwork): Line to Line to Line
  11. Lesson: How to play in the wind
  12. Lesson: How to play against hard hitters
  13. Lesson: Where to Draw the Line - Overhead vs. Volley
  14. Lesson: The Basics of the Return of Server
  15. Lesson: Learning to Read the Server
  16. Lesson: The Second Serve
  17. Lesson: Mixing up your Serves