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  1. The Slide into Paris - How it works
  2. Ask questions here about "The Slide into Paris".
  3. Tournament Points
  4. Players and Prices
  5. It's time to pick your team!
  7. Split from "post your team here"
  8. San Jose draw is out
  9. Point Standings
  10. Scores will be posted following the match
  11. Name the next TAT Fantasy Tennis Tournament
  12. Offical Points Grievance Thread
  13. Dubai draw is out
  14. Scoring for IW will be late
  15. If you see the draws
  16. Scoring will no longer be immediate
  17. Out Of Curiousity....
  18. Out with the bad, in with the good
  19. Tommy Haas is a Weenie From Hell!
  20. I Have HAD it!
  21. Robin Soderling ?!
  22. [m]: Name the next TAT Fantasy Tennis Tournament
  23. And the winner is...