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  2. Global report on # of women in management
  3. Wife of Zimbabwe PM Killed in Car Crash
  4. German School Shooting
  5. Seymour Hersh: Executive Assassination Ring
  6. Non American Banks get Taxpayer Money
  7. Earth Hour 2009
  8. Fritzl pleads guilty to all charges
  9. Obama To Sign UN Gay Rights Declaration
  10. Pope: Condoms Won't Solve AIDS in Africa
  11. Biker Gangs Terrorize Sydney Australia Airport
  12. Convicted Murderer Admitted to Swedish Medical School
  13. Thai 'Spider-Man' to the rescue
  14. An Italian Fritzl?
  15. Iraq To Execute Gay Citizens
  16. French Workers Take Another Boss Hostage
  17. Obama Breaks Up Fight Between Sarkozy and Hu
  18. N Korea Launches Rocket Defying the World
  19. Italian Quake: Prediction Ignored?
  20. In, Turkey Obama Reaches Out To Muslim World
  21. UK Anti Terror Head Resigns over Photos
  22. Farmers Commit Mass Suicide in India
  23. Obama and Chavez Shake Hands
  24. Jackie Chan: "We Chinese Need to be Controlled..."
  25. Reports: Slumdog Girl Up For Sale
  26. Saudi Judge: Okay for 8yr Old Girl to Marry 40 yr Old
  27. Caribbean Summit Arrivals and Fashions
  28. Piracy
  29. The Real WMD Problem
  30. Pharmacy Takes Blame in 21 Horse Deaths
  31. ICPC Results
  32. Swine flu scare growing
  33. UAE Torture Video
  34. Irish Finally Release Reform School Abuse Report
  35. Couple missing after $10m bank bungle
  36. Woman's extreme Red Bull diet
  37. Two shot at Holocaust Mem'l Museum
  38. Iraqi Sunni Leader Killed
  39. Iran - Both Sides Claiming Victory
  40. Military Coup in Honduras
  41. Berlusconi's Estranged Wife - Leave Family Alone
  42. Another Plane Crash
  43. India Decriminalizes Homosexuality
  44. Ethnic Rioting in China
  45. Murdoch Rag Said To Hack Cells of Pols, Celebrities
  46. I Thought It Was An Apple A Day...
  47. Hotels bombed in Jakarta
  48. Emma Thompson Attends Adopted Son's Graduation
  49. Radovan Karadzicís New-Age Adventure!
  50. Rape Broadcast Gets Aussie Shock Jock Off the Air
  51. Sarah Palin to address Hong Kong deal-makers
  52. Rethink Afghanistan?
  53. Serbia seeks far-right bans
  54. Roman Polanksi arrested in Switzerland
  55. Samoan Islands earthquake generates 10-foot tsunami
  56. World News Random, Random
  57. Vatican: Abusive priest not pedophiles but "Ephebofiles"
  58. Most Unparlimentary Language
  59. Reuters Top 100 Photos of the Decade
  60. President Obama dissed in Copenhagen
  61. Now tell them it's not a religious war
  62. Teenagers Terrorizing Brussels
  63. Designer Alexander McQueen found dead
  64. Pride House at Olympics
  65. Major Quake off the Coast of Japan
  66. 8.8 Quake hits Chile - Tsunami warning issued
  67. Your own, personal Climate Change
  68. Two More Earthquakes Hit Chile - 5.1 and 7.2
  69. Georgia airs fake report of Russian invasion
  70. Bush wipes hand on Clinton
  71. Afghanistan War
  72. Breaking: Moscow Subway Explosions
  73. Polish President dies in a plane crash in Russia
  74. Sarkozy gave Obama a letter from Polanski
  75. Tories Take Power in Britain
  76. US Troops Recieve German Medals of Valor
  78. Fergie caught selling access to Prince Andrew
  79. Jamaican Drug Gangs Take Part of Kingston
  80. Holloway Suspect Wanted For Murder in Peru
  81. Apple Apoligizes for iPhone Antannae Problem
  82. Smoke From Fires Deepens in Moscow
  83. 33 Chilean Miners Trapped
  84. 7.2 Earthquake Hits New Zealand
  85. Bush Long Con On Iraq War?
  86. Coup Attempt in Ecuador?
  87. Facebook Games Sent User Info to Marketers
  88. Nestor Kirchner dead at 60
  89. The G20 Summit.
  90. McD's, Pepsi Writing UK Health Policy
  91. The Immigration Thread
  92. Now It's Ireland
  93. Canada Fears Parallel Society
  94. New Zealand Miners Trapped after Explosion
  95. Stampede kills 200+ in Cambodia
  96. North Korea Attacks South Korea
  97. Wikileaks - Cable Releases
  98. The Fourteen Year Old Assassin
  99. Protected Seals Clubbed to Death....
  100. Amb. Richard Holbrooke has passed
  101. Abu Dhabi Apologizes for Christmas Tree
  102. Interesting Comment about Desmond Tutu
  103. Tunisia - A Democratic Revolution?
  104. Terror Attack in Moscow kills 30
  105. Uprising In Egypt
  106. Berlusconi Indicted on Prostitution, Abuse of Power
  107. Uprisings in the Middle East
  108. Major earthquake near Christchurch, NZ
  109. 8.9 Earthquake hits Japan
  110. Spain Confronts Legacy of Stolen Babies
  111. The American 'Kill Team' in Afghanistan
  112. The Royal Wedding
  113. Fidel Castro Steps Down As Party Leader
  114. Osama Bin Laden killed
  115. IMF Chief Arrested for "Brutal" Sexual Assault
  116. Protestors Defy Ban In Spain
  117. Ratko Mladic Captured
  118. Christine Lagarde New IMF Head
  119. Norway
  120. Anwar al-Awlaki killed by the CIA
  121. Occupy Wall Street
  122. S&P Downgrades Credit Ratings for Several Large Banks
  123. Christopher Hitchens has died
  124. Kim Jung Il has died.
  125. Italian Earthquake
  126. Body Parts in the Mail
  127. Quebec Electon - Constitutional Crisis?
  128. U.S. Ready for War in Syria?
  129. Pakistan
  130. Pope Benedict has resigned.
  131. Finding Emma
  132. 2017. What's in store?
  133. Caucasus series
  134. Brexit
  135. The Iran Crisis
  136. The Australian Fires
  137. covid-19 Virus Updates and Discussion
  138. COVID aftermath and What Ifs?