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Written by  USTA Public Relations

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., February 4, 2013 – The United States Tennis Association (USTA) today announce that Barry Ford, Director of Public Affairs and Advocacy, is featured in a new book titled Expanding Minds and Opportunities: Leveraging the Power of Afterschool and Summer Learning for Student Success. The book will be released at a National Press Club event on February 5th during a live stream beginning at 9am EST at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Ford, a member of the USTA national staff since 2006, contributed a 7-page article titled, “Tennis in Afterschool and Summer Programs – a Winning New Model to Expand Fitness and Learning.” The piece sheds light on how the USTA’s changes to tennis have made the sport more accessible to elementary school-aged children, and easier to implement by schools, afterschool and summer programs.  Tennis is now an excellent way to incorporate high quality physical activity programming during out-of-school time, and now has more of a positive impact on the fight against childhood obesity.

The article also highlights the way in which, since the USTA’s launch of its 10 and Under Tennis initiative in 2012, the association has partnered with non-profits and school systems in three states—Georgia, New Jersey and Virginia—to integrate tennis programming within their afterschool and summer programs. As a result, the Georgia Afterschool Investment Council (GAIC) launched the Georgia Afterschool Tennis and Education Program; the National Junior Tennis & Learning of Trenton (NJTLT) in Trenton, New Jersey developed the Academic Creative and Engagement (ACE) curriculum; and the Newport News Public Schools and Newport News 21stCentury Community and Learning Center programs have implemented 10 and Under Tennis in their local schools.

“I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to shed light on how the changes in the sport of tennis have made the game an ideal component of any afterschool or summer program,” Ford said. “It is my hope that this article will inspire community and education leaders throughout the country to incorporate tennis into their afterschool and summer programs, not only as a positive and life-long physical activity, but also as a way to support the academic mission of their schools. The USTA’s 10 and Under Tennis initiative now enables the sport to be introduced in any school or community setting, and enables any caring adult to teach the programming without regard for tennis ability or knowledge.”

The first-of-its-kind book demonstrates the role afterschool and summer learning play in improving and expanding students’ education, how communities with different demographics are building successful support systems for their students, the role afterschool programs play in education reform, how these programs are helping students become more career and college ready and engaged in learning, and more.

“Afterschool and summer learning programs expand minds and opportunities for America’s kids,” said the book’s executive editor, Terry K. Peterson, Ph.D., at the book release event in Washington, D.C. “This book presents strong evidence that quality afterschool and expanded learning opportunities contribute to student success and should be moved from the margins of the education reform agenda to being one of the important tools and strategies leveraged to help more young people catch up, keep up, and get ahead.”

“We hope that all those involved in education can use the research, best practices, and examples in this book to make their programs the best they can be to help more young people reach their maximum potential,” said Peterson.

The book may be ordered through and individual articles will be available for free download at

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